It looks like the web’s largest music site Myspace may be moving to a pay-to-listen model.

Myspace is one of the largest music streaming websites, allowing its users to listen to artists for free to find out if they have talent or not. Apparently Myspace is paying somewhere in the area of 20 million dollars a month to pay for the streaming rights. With such large fees to pay for their music streaming capabilities it looks like the site will almost definitely move to a paying model.

The question now is how many people are actually going to pay to listen to music on Myspace? I know that I use the site as a means of finding good new artists, whose music I later can purchase on Itunes or other sites. If Myspace makes me pay to stream music, I will probably just take them out of my bookmarks list, but that’s just me.

Let us know what you would do if Myspace wanted you to pay to stream their music in the comments section.