In the past few decades there have been some pretty awful music videos. Unfortunately, these musical-nightmares are now available for anyone to stumble upon them (thanks to the internet). This particular one, the one I dub as “The Worst Music Video Ever” is by an 80’s band called The Europeans who perform “Animal Song” in this featured video.

Some of you may recall this parody on a Beavis and Butthead episode back in the day. The video leaves me speechless, words cannot do this video justice. The only two things I can think of that would have the audacity to inspire such creepy/weird-ness is either: 1. drugs or 2. an attempt at exploring ‘artistic creativity.’ Either way I’m left baffled. Check it out for yourself. Props if you can get through the whole video. 

Other equally horrible music videos:

2. Heidi Montag – “Higher” : You think with someone having as much money as they do, that the Speidi could fork out a little cash for the video. False. Anyone can re-create this video. Use a moderately hott chick in a bikini and your parent’s old video camera and your golden. You could have your 12-yr old sister even make up some lyrics for you to sing, it’d be just about the same.

3. Armi and Danny – “I want to Love you Tender” : First, it looks like they got their dancers from a local jazzercise class. Mix that with an awful  Star Wars/Star Trek setting and it really comes together.

4. Jan Terri – “Losing You” : The best part of the video is when you realize that the frumpy woman in the limo is actually the one singing the song. Crazy plot-twist right there. Besides the fact that there are extremely bad vocals and a lack of attractive people, the camera man’s cinematography skills really blow me away.

5. Carl Lewis – “Break it Up” : Being an Olympic champion does not give you the right to act like an idiot and get away with it. Love the belted work-out leotard though.

6. David Hasselhoff – “Hooked on a Feeling”: Offensive (scene with African villagers) and Cheap (painfully obvious green screens) . Gotta love it.

7. Billy Squier – “Rock me Tonight”: Squir is dancing (if you consider skipping around dancing) in his pajamas. Weird.

8. Vanilla Ice  – “I Love You”: A video that is even more ridiculous than “Ice Ice Baby,” no joke. A few questions though: Why is that woman dancing on top of a phone booth? Who the heck is RIFF? Why is everyone dancing so fast if this is a “slow jam”?

9. Journey – “Separate Ways” : It looks like it was shot during their lunch break at their warehouse day-job. The air keyboard, by the way, really adds something special. Plus there is a creepy lady wandering around in a leather skirt. Doesn’t get much better than that.

10. Britney Spears – “Gimme More” : This video is comprised of Britney dancing around a stripper pole. She could have saved some money by releasing the notorious MTV VMA performance for “Gimme More”…it’s practically the same.