what made milwaukee famous

What Made Milwaukee Famous is a indie-pop rock band from Austin, TX. The band is made up of: Michael Kingcaid (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Drew Patrizi (keyboards, vocals, guitar), John Farmer (bass, vocals), Jeremy Bruch (drums, vocals), and Jason Davis (guitar, vocals). So as you can see, they are all diversely talented and are a great example of a band who knows how to collaborate.

So far the band has released their first album, Trying to Never Catch Up, in 2004 and their second album, What Doesn’t Kill Us, in early 2008.

Piece of Trivia: The band’s name originated from Jerry Lee Lewis’s “What’s Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made a Loser Out of Me).”

Here is a free download of Resistance on their sophomore album, What Doesn’t Kill Us:

What Made Milwaukee Famous – Resistance St.