Valentine’s Day has become a very emotional day for many.  It seems they either LOVE it or HATE it.

 In order to cover the needs of both I have decided to create 2 very short (sorry-I was busy preparing for my own v-day) Valentine’s Day playlists, one fore the Lover and one for the V-Day (more like D-day) Loner.

Please feel free to add to the list in the comments section.

The Lover Playlist
1. On Top Of The World – Imagine Dragons
2. Radar Detector – Darwin Deez
3. All the Pennies – Mindy Gledhill
4. Love Story – Harry Nilsson
5. All I’ve Ever Needed – Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald

The Loner Playlist
(It’s okay to be under this category. We all are at some point in our lives. I may or may not be right now…)
1. Love Stinks – J Geils Band
2. Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol
3. Love Interruption – Jack White
4. Love is a Murder – The Constellations
5. I Love My Dog – Cat Stevens