Tyrone Wells just released his latest pop-rock album, Remain, which does an excellent job in showcasing his pure and enlightening voice. For the album, Wells traveled to London to generate ideas and ‘open up the process.’ While in England, he felt inspired and made half of the album there, then finished the other half back in the states. Remain has been his greatest work yet. He has really developed his unique sounds and honed into his creative mind to come up with some emotional and powerful songs. The album takes your through life’s journey. Through the ups and downs, the times of trial and the times of joy.

Tyrone Wells uses his talent as a way to inspire others. One of my favorite songs on the album, More, reminds us that there is some greater purpose for living. He urges us to have faith and hope through those difficult times with these lyrics:

I’ve seen the great heights,
Reminding me that I’m alive,
I don’t wanna die,
I don’t wanna waste another day,
Or night,
I know there’s something more,
Than what we’re living for,
I see it in the stars,
I feel it on the shores,
I know there’s something,
I know there’s something more.

Here’s the song More: