Tyler Ward was a talented musician trying to find his big break. Struggling to get followers and fans, Tyler Ward decided to start posting videos of his songs on YouTube. From there, his career took off.
Since joining YouTube in 2008, Ward now has almost 500,000 subscribers and over 10 million channel views. Tyler Ward has really made a name for himself on YouTube.
Born and raised in Colorado, Tyler Ward pursued other interests in sports and the military before finding his passion in music.
Ward and his friends now get together and do covers of popular songs right when they come out on the radio and then post these covers on YouTube and iTunes. He has several of his original songs on these sites as well. Within hours of posting these videos there are over thousands of views.
Thanks to social networking, Tyler Ward has gained fame all around the world.
“I love playing and it’s by far the best job I’ve ever had” said Ward.
One of his most popular videos was a cover he did on the song “Teenage Dream” originally by Katy Perry.
Here is his version:
Teenage Dream
One of his popular original songs is entitled “Paper Heart.” Here is his music video of that song that his fans created for him:
Paper Heart
Some other covers Tyler Ward has done include:
-Cee Lo Green “Forget You”
-The Script “Breakeven”
-Lady Gaga “Born this Way”
-Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are” and “Grenade”
-Katy Perry “Firework” and “ET” and “California Girls”
-East Far Movement “Like a G6”
-Justin Bieber “Baby” and “U Smile”
-Maroon 5 “Misery”
-Taio Cruz “Dynamite” and “Break your Heart”
-Taylor Swift “Mine”
-Flo Rida “Club Can’t Handle Me”
-Eminem and Rihanna “Love the Way you Lie”
-Ke$ha “Tik Tok”
-B.o.B.featuring Hayley from Paramore “Airplanes”
-Kings of Leon “Use Somebody”

Tyler Ward also has many of his own original songs on YouTube including:
-“That Kind of Love”
-“Pages of Life”
-“Wastin’ time”

Tyler Ward is a true artist with a large following on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes. He releases news songs or new covers almost weekly for his fans. He always keeps his dedicated fans up to date and wanting more.
He performs these songs because he loves to do it.
Check out Tyler Ward on his YouTube channel, his Facebook page, or listen to and download his songs on iTunes.