Independent indie artist Tyler James released his latest album this last moth in early March. It is titled It Took the Fireand it really does take the fire. His album is hott and hip. In this record, he doesn’t hesitate to bring back some of his gem tracks from his previous releases, such as: “Sweet Relief,” “Down To The Garden,” “Don’t Leave,” and probably his most brilliant piece of work yet, “Stay Humble.”

James slowed down “Don’t Leave” for this new recording in order to emphasize his sincere lyrics. “Stay Humble” is better than ever–and who ever thought it could be any better?!

Tyler James is a Nashville-born singer/songwriter. His music has been aired on popular television shows, such as: “The Hills” and “Brother and Sister.” However, probably one of my favorite things about James is his style.

Meet Tyler James:

and here’s “Don’t Leave”:

If any of this incite interest in you, like it does me, then I hope you check out “Stay Humble” and his new album, It Took the Fire. Hope you enjoy.