rocket summer

“The Rocket Summer” is a band that is comprised of one person, Bryce Avery, from Dallas, Texas. Avery records his music by playing all of the instruments (piano, guitar, drum, bass and vocals) individually and then combining them to make a song.  Now that’s real talent. However, when he goes on tour, he has a traveling band comprised of his old high-school friends.

His second album “Hello Good Friend” is nothing special. There are two noteworthy songs, however: Brat Pack, and Around the Clock. Other than that, skip right to his latest album “Do You Feel”.  His music is very upbeat and packed with energy. Though he has fun and bubbly melodies, his lyrics are powerful and touch on his Christian faith, problems in our society, and general everyday life.

His shows are electrifying. When he comes on stage, the crowd goes wild. His stage presence and performance energizes the audience. In the middle of songs he will switch places with one of his fellow band-mates to play a different instrument, clearly to showcase his talent. Not only is this entertaining, but his natural musical ability is apparent. Every one of his songs keeps the audience moshing and singing along; there never is a dull moment. Though a tour date hasn’t been set hasn’t been released for his new album “Of Men and Angels” (coming out later this year), I have a feeling one will be announced soon, so I’ll keep you guys posted.

Though he has talent, his style isn’t for everyone. It has a very emo, pop, ‘give-everyone-a-hug” sort of vibe. You have to be in the right mood for it, or else it can get annoying. But for short periods of time, it’s fun to listen to.

However, if you feel like listening to something that will put you in a good, carefree mood, cruisin’ in your car with the windows down and the music up, The Rocket Summer is for you.  So go on, Rock It Some More!