In the music world there is a fine line between hipster obscurity and mainstream America. It seems that bands often find difficulties in trying to garner the standing and support they need from indie-rock fans without becoming too big for their fans.

The National have more than mastered this art.

High Violet Album Cover

With last month’s release of their newest album, High Violet, the band proved that with their mature music sound and humble lyrics they deserve both the hipster’s affection and the huge national hype they have amassed.

High Violet opens with the powerful “Terrible Love” that sets the same standard for the album that “Fake Empire” did for their last album “Boxer”. The song about insomnia and self destruction has an eery buzz to it that reminds listeners how Middle-America the band truly is.

“Blood Buzz Ohio” is a deal sealer on the album for me. The gloomy sound accompanied by¬†Matt Berninger’s haunting baritone voice forced me to listen to the 5-minute song on repeat for an hour (no joke).

Rarely would I believe that a band that will tour Europe three times this year would ever understand the financial woes of a middle-class working man. “I still owe money on the money on the money I owe,” and I buy everything they sing about hook line and sinker.

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