The George Elliot Underground Music Reviews
The George Elliot Underground is made from fragments of bands broken by time, space and even a fire. But when these five musicians moved into an off-campus house together in 2005, there was no stopping the music that erupted from their basement in late night, alcohol-infused jam sessions. Over the years, the band’s sound matured into a cohesive revival of classic rock with ‘more electricity than AEP can handle.'” (Ben Albaugh)

After listening to The George Elliot Underground band’s music and reading about them on facebook and myspace, I have come to a conclusion that these words from Ben Albaugh’s review describe this band and to some extent their music precisely.

The Columbus, Ohio band consists of five, namely:

  • Matt Zab on vocals
  • Marlin Kornegay on guitar
  • Jeremy Browning on guitar
  • Derek Utlican on bass
  • Brian Mayes on drums


They title their sound as “NYC Hipster rock meets retro Detroit-style garage with mid-70’s Southern rock swagger” or Root/Classic Rock with a modern edge.

Personally The George Elliot Underground Band just doesn’t do it for me.  I am not the biggest fan of their lyrics and their music isn’t clean and clear enough for me.  They just a have a some refining to do. But I will give them this: I like the fact that they have 2 guitarists.  I feel that gives them a real advantage over other bands with a similar sound.

Also, their influences (The Stroke, The Raconteurs, Oasis, Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Pete Yorn, the White Stripes, Wolfmother, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, etc) give me a better understanding and appreciation for their sound.

I have felt influences from other great bands in some of their songs. “Man you Need” has a hint of Beatles influence in it. “Love in The Morning” also has hint of Coldplay-ish influence with the echoed “oh’s”.  And All the guitar has definite Led Zepplin sound (obviously not the same though).  Their song, “Januray One,” even sounds like it could make a great Rock Band song.

Here’s one of my favorite songs:

They are currently unsigned but are have recently released their first EP and rocking out for their Ohio audience with some concerts coming up in July.

Best of Luck George Elliot Underground and keep rocking on!