Along with a welcomed buzz of an early spring, Groundhog Day also brought with it some not-so-great news regarding the White Stripes; after four years of not recording any new albums or music, the band has decided to break up for good. Though this fact may not have been a surprise to some, it is the permanency of the dissolution that has many of the band’s fans feeling down. They have garnered a huge amount of support in past years, and have arguably created some of the most influential music of the last decade.

The duo of once-married Jack and Meg White took to their website yesterday to formally announce that not only would they no longer be recording new music, they would also not be performing live. Their reasoning was that they basically wanted to preserve the band’s legacy on a high note and leave their fans with the beauty of the past six albums that they have created.

Though many are pretty upset about the break up, the group has been praised for their refraining from touring and “cashing-in” on the musical fame that they have left as a duo. Fortunately, fans will be able to remember Jack and Meg White with their last studio release in 2007, “Icky Thump,” which many have argued is their best collaboration to date.

The White Stripes-Seven Nation Army (2003)