The Dodos

The Dodos is an indie rock band from San Fransisco, California. The band consists of Meric Long, Logan Kroeber, and Keaton Snyder. Long and Kroeber started playing music together in 2005 under the band-name of “Dodo Bird.” As they gained popularity, fans started referring to them as “The Dodos,” so they changed their name accordingly. In 2008, the band released “The Visiters” and in September 2009, The Dodos released their latest album, Time to Die. Soon after, Keaton Snyder was added into the group for live performances and now the band is currently on tour in the UK.

What really makes The Dodos stand out is their alternative instrumental approach to their music. Their sound is refreshingly original. Kroeber plays on the rims of his drum kit, (that doesn’t have a bass drum by the way), while playing a tambourine that is taped to his shoe. Snyder plays a unique instrument called a vibraphone (a drum and two cymbals placed on each other)  for live performances. And Long mainly sticks to playing acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars. Though this combination may seem odd, you will appreciate the creativity when you hear their songs.

The Dodos new album, A Time to Die is available now in itunes for $7.99. If you buy it now, you will receive their bonus track, “Company.”

Here is the music video for Fables:

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