Parlor Hawk “Every Bone” from The Occidental Saloon on Vimeo.

To be completely honest, the first time I heard Parlor Hawk, I was not really impressed. My brother brought home their new cd Hoarse and Roaring and I tried to listen through it multiple times but would have to stop after the first few songs, because I felt like each song had the exact same tempo and feel to it. Hence, I was inspired or impressed…but my brothers raved about the band. So, I gave them yet another chance.

And after seeing the above music video of “Every Bone,” in which I felt of the band’s fervent folk fusion, I completely changed my mind. Parlor Hawk is a remarkable band and they are going somewhere and already have.

Their music is touching with its tender and yet tremendous truth. I cannot imagine a better name for their first album, which released June 15th, than Hoarse and Roaring. Their music is both soft spoken and yet piercing with its intimacy, just as the album cover suggests. When you see the band in their music video, you really do sense and feel a part of their passion for what their music is relaying.

Chase Larson perfectly described Parlor Hawk’s new album when he said:

    “Listening to ‘Hoarse and Roaring‘ is like driving alone down a long, open road off into a sunset tinged landscape, leaving plenty of time to contemplate life’s hopes and struggles.”

I would just add that the flow of the album may be a little too contemplatative, causing the driver to either lose focus of the road or to drift off into dreaming.

Parlor Hawk is still a mystery to me though. I tried to learn a little bit more about their forming of the band and honestly didn’t find much. Here’s what I found:

    Parlor Hawk is a local Utah band, which originally started as the band Moses until 2009 when they changed their name and their music. The band consists of Drew Capener, TJ Nokleby, Andrew Dyer, Mark Garbett, and Jay Tibbitts. The band now has two record labels with the help of Joshua James, and they are busy sharing their soul symphonies to others in Ohio, California, Las Vegas, and so on.

This talented Americana Folk-rock band appears to be really down to earth and friendly. Most of the band, if not all of them, are married and have families. I read an interview about them in which they all had a great sense of humor too. Although their music is sensitive and serious, the band is all really down to earth.

Parlor Hawk underground music reviews

Parlor Hawk is an attractive band, both physically and musically. I’m excited to see what this band will accomplish in the next little while. I expect them to continue to get better and to bring more juicy musical fruit to us in the near future . I only suggest, that the band work a little on the format and flow of their next album, so as to show their true talent.