Local Provo band, Parlor Hawk released their new CD last night.  After months waiting while Parlor Hawk recorded, fans lined up at Velour Live Music Gallery for the album release.

Parlor Hawk clearly altered their sound with the release of this new album.  What once was the sweet indie folk Provo band, has now progressed their sound to be maybe even more distinct in an age of so much good indie, folk music.  This album took on more synth and more rock than the last.  Parlor Hawk swore off ever again singing Every Bone, a hit from their last album.  Their sound has changed and there is no going back.

It seems this new CD took their Saddest Song and personified it.  The album has a very distinctly sorrowful sound.  This is a brilliant bold move for their music.  In Saddest Song they exclaimed,”Would you have me?”  This new lamenting sound is just the kind of thing the band needs to stick out and make record labels and music-lovers need to “have” Parlor Hawk in today’s overly-cluttered music scene.

Note the tragedy in the lyrics, the cinematography, and chord-structure, of the following video clips from some of Parlor Hawk’s new album songs:

Maryanne – seems to be their new single



Lucky for you (and me) if you regretfully missed Parlor Hawk’s album release concert like I did, don’t worry, Parlor Hawk is doing an encore show Monday night, 8pm again at Velour.  Man, are they good to their fans! Hope to see you there.

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