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One of the best parts of the indie scene is the ever expanding offerings that are produced by indie groups. Any kind of musical styling or taste has the potential to be met through the efforts of the artists and musicians that make the indie scene such a special setting.

Experimenting with different groups and musical genre is one of the key parts of enjoying the music. Finding new things and finding sounds that speak to the individual is one of the most enjoyable parts of the experience.

The right indie sound can be a life changing thing to experience. The effort and passion that the indie music scene engenders makes it much more vibrant and dynamic than the mainstream offerings. Finding something unique and special that appeals to you is a part of participating in the culture and getting involved more fully with it.

Indie music is an ever evolving entity, and it is something that can offer something to everyone, if they are willing to open up their heart and mind and find a group or genre that speaks to them.


One of the questions that bears examining relates to indie groups, and what makes for a great group. Now, there are many indie groups of varying styles and skill levels, with some being obviously better than others.

I’m not really someone who hates mainstream music or derides indie bands that are good that end up making it big. In fact, I think the ones that make it biog do so because of their quality. I think the following factors make for a great indie group.

-Heart. Obviously, heart is something that is tricky to pin down, but when a group cares about their music, you can tell. Such love and devotion to the craft makes the music so much better. The difference is palpable.

-Uniqueness. While bands that make it big are often derided for being familair, i would argue that every group need sa unique aspect in order to do well. Such uniqueness is something to be prized for sure.

-Perseverance. The groups that work the hardest do the best.

In a way, I think its all of these traits that makes up a good indie group. It’s one of the main reasons why I don’t begrudge the groups that make it big. The effort and hard work and soul that goes into the process is something that is an investment into bigger things, with the dreams of the band riding heavily on it.


Every decade seems to have at least one solid music icon that will always be remembered for their contributions to the music scene. When it comes to 2000-2010, who would you say made the biggest impact on your iPod?

We want to hear who left you musically awe-inspired in the last decade. Comment away!