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If you have not yet heard of Mumford & Sons, your life will surely change as soon as you do. These four young men from West London who make up the band, will become your four main men. Marcus Mumford, Country Winston, Ben Lovett, and Ted Dwane are the men who comprise this band, and once you hear them play their instruments and sing, you will surely fall in love as many others have around the world, myself included.

The four friends bonded over their love of country, bluegrass and folk, and decided to make music that sounded loud, proud and live. Once they realized they were meant to be a band, they immediately hit the road. Straightaway, they won the hearts of the audiences they performed for. They began touring extensively in 2008, and eventually had their first American tour. The reason their music is loved by millions is because it is so real.

On the band’s album, Sigh No More, the songs are anywhere from upbeat and fun, to slow and relaxing. My personal favorite being “Awake my Soul,” this song is truly beautiful and I can never get enough. The first song I ever heard from Mumford & Sons was “The Cave,” and since then I have been listening to as much as I possibly can. If you like Mumford & Sons as much as I do, you will also love Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

This band succeeded because they were always true to themselves, they never changed their sound and always played the music they loved. This is why they have made such a splash in the music scene, they are 100% original. Their folk rock music should be heard by everyone possible because it is simply happy music. The quirky style and music coming from this group is catching on quick and people are realizing how unique it is.

If I ever get the opportunity to see Mumford & Sons live, I would never pass it up. Going to a one of their concerts would definitely change my life, they are one of my favorite bands, and they deserve all the recognition they can get! This one goes out to my four main men.

Mumford & Sons, \”The Cave\”


One of the questions that bears examining relates to indie groups, and what makes for a great group. Now, there are many indie groups of varying styles and skill levels, with some being obviously better than others.

I’m not really someone who hates mainstream music or derides indie bands that are good that end up making it big. In fact, I think the ones that make it biog do so because of their quality. I think the following factors make for a great indie group.

-Heart. Obviously, heart is something that is tricky to pin down, but when a group cares about their music, you can tell. Such love and devotion to the craft makes the music so much better. The difference is palpable.

-Uniqueness. While bands that make it big are often derided for being familair, i would argue that every group need sa unique aspect in order to do well. Such uniqueness is something to be prized for sure.

-Perseverance. The groups that work the hardest do the best.

In a way, I think its all of these traits that makes up a good indie group. It’s one of the main reasons why I don’t begrudge the groups that make it big. The effort and hard work and soul that goes into the process is something that is an investment into bigger things, with the dreams of the band riding heavily on it.


Righto! Today we’re gonna have a look at The Vaccines, and go over their influence on the indie genre.

Formed in 2010, The Vaccines have managed to rapidly climb in prominence in the least year, earning awards and accolades for their musical efforts. The band manages to blend several genres together while featuring an energetic punk feeling combined with a bit of their one style.

Their first album recently came out this year, featuring some of the hottest songs from the UK. While not predominant yet, The Vaccines are setting themselves up to become much greater than they currently are.

All in all, The Vaccines are shaping up to be a good contemproary Ramones for a new generation, and they are innovating along the way. This is a band to watch, since they have managed to gather so many accolades in the space of a year. Give them a try, and enjoy some of the bettering offerings of English indie music.