Garrett Lee Robinson

Friday is the last day to contribute to the Kickstarter for Garrett Lee Robinson’s first album “Future Classics” releasing January 14th, 2014. This four-man rock band located in Los Angeles, California will mark two years together as a band during their CD debut.  They are ready to see the growth so many entertainers seek after in Los Angeles and are diligently working towards this goal.

Last night I had the chance to chat with the lead singer and guitarist, Garrett Robinson, as well as the bassist, Matt Rowe. It was a delight speaking with both guys, as they were both polite. Here’s some of the conversation we had:

How did the Garrett Lee Robinson band get started? Garrett met Matt and Shane, who were both already in another band together, two years earlier than when the band got started.  Right away they started playing music together.  Garrett explained the band would have started in 2010 rather than in 2012, except that he was too young and rambunctious.

Initially the band started as the three of them, but Garrett felt the need for a keyboardist and quickly taught Junior the songs and started bringing him along to band practice.  Soon Matt & Shane couldn’t help but accept Junior who know all the band’s songs flawlessly! They are happy about the four-man band decision now.

Tell me about the band name, Garrett Lee Robinson?  How does the band being named after Garrett work for the band? Talking about himself and Shane, Matt said, “We actually pushed Garrett to change the band name to Garrett Lee Robinson.  Band names are too cheesy now; I think it is cooler to be yourself.  That is his name and the coolest rock n’ roll name.  It’s never been an issue.” Garrett chimed in, “I give these guys as much if not more credit, because they make the parts better.”  Garrett never wanted to be a solo artist.  Over the phone he made sure to emphasize that the group as a whole is the Garrett Lee Robinson band! They work together and deserve collaborative praise.  This reminds me of bands like The Dave Matthews Band, whose true fans really do recognize the band in its entirety.

Tell me about the collaboration that goes into your songwriting? Up until now Garrett wrote the songs and compositions with little tips from the band here and there. However, after being together for almost 2 years now, the band has become more unified in sound and style, thus becoming more collaborative.

How often do you tend to book a show?  “Twice a month. It was once a week and then we started buckling down on the record.  We don’t want to play locally too often.  Right now we are sticking to certain markets.” said Garrett. They are primarily focused with LA areas such as Hollywood, as well as San Diego.

Any advice/words of wisdom from other bands? Garrett was excited to answer this question.  He explained that Kings of Leon was his first CD growing up.  One day he found himself hanging out at a hotel he was staying at with the band, and in particular Matthew Followill the guitarist.  After departing from chatting with Matthew Followill for over an hour just about life and music Matthew re-approached Garrett with a hug, his hand on his shoulder, and these words of advice, “Hey don’t give up. If I can do it, you can do it.”  This message resonates with Garrett.  When passing advice on to other musicians Garrett echoes these words.

Daytime jobs? Garrett is currently working in real estate services. Matt does contract work. Junior does yoga instructing.  And according to Matt, Shane has a new baby and is thus, “Mr. Mom, a drum teacher on the side, a whatever. He’s there for whatever.”

Dream Tour? The band currently is very happy playing concerts with the Lucky Lonely and they hope to have them open for their concerts way more often.”Coolest thing about tour is you don’t know the bands you’ll play with, but you end up making best friends.” said Matt regarding touring. They would also love to play with Kings of Leon.

Matt & Shane are both originally from OPM, another band in Southern California.  Question directed at Matt: Is that difficult balancing both bands? “Not really. It just kind of depends. We did a tour in Europe for 6 weeks, but then we are open until like next summer, so now we have time.” said Matt. Sounds ideal.

The Garett Lee Robinson band “Want to be the king or rock and roll… want to be the godfather of soul,” and they are working towards that with the creation of this new album, “Future Classics.” The title demands a lot out of this small California band.  However, if they can deliver, things could be moving forwards and eastward for this band. I wish these guys the best of luck and hope they play in the SLC area sometime soon.

To learn more about Garrett Lee Robinson check them out on Facebook.  Also, help the band accomplish their minimal goal of $5,000 on their Kickstarter that ends Friday!