From Salt Lake City, this band’s refreshing sound will take you on a melodic trip with strong instrumental dynamics as pit stops. Since 2002, Supersofar has become a local and regional name due to word of mouth and their local shows.

The make up of Supersofar is W. James Woods, vocals/ guitar/ piano; Bob Hanson, Drums/ samples/ vocals; Mike Stipanov, guitar/ vocals; Marc Hanson, guitar; David Briggs, bass/ vocals; Jonni Lightfoot, (also of Air Supply)bass/ guitar/ studio. Their unique melodic vocals approach a new string of sounds that is going strong.

Some fan favorites include: “Mind Your Manners,” “Ocean Breathe,” “Circles,” and “The Mess”.

In 2008, they released The Drama Club EP, an album that focuses on their unique songwriting, sound production and musicianship. Their songs sit somewhere between catchy and uplifting without being cliche. Their radio and web followers have grown tremendously in recent years. You’ll want to listen to what this band has to offer. Their live shows are also powerful as they connect with each audience for a one of a kind experience.

Their influences include:Your Band, U2, Coldplay, Better Than Ezra, Counting Crows, Keane, Our Lady Peace, John Lennon, Sarah Mclachlan, Blue October, Thriving Ivory, Dave Matthews Band, Annie Lennox, The Fray, Radiohead, Aqualung, Remy Zero and the list goes on and on.

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