The North, United Kingdom band, Steel Trees has just recently debuted their new video single, “Sick” on youtube.

The band, which has been formed since April of this year, still has a small following on both Youtube and Myspace. However, they have several things going for them.

Steel Trees is a three-piece grunge/alternative rock ‘n’ roll band from South Yorkshire. They are currently booking a UK tour with other UK bands like “Japanese Voyeurs” who appear to be doing much better with attaining audiences. The band is also recording with Jason Sanderson who has worked with Chickenhawk, Rolo Tomassi,Cocean, G.U.M.

However, Steel Trees’ new video “Sick,” is probably the best thing they have going for them right now. Whoever they had film and edit this video did a fabulous job and I recommend any and all who are interested in this genre of music check out the video. It is classic and simple, but more than there myspace songs, this video really got me pumped to hear this band live. “Sick” gives me hope that Steel Trees really is better live than they are on their myspace. Maybe, they should work on mastering their recordings.

check out “Sick.” It is in fact sick.

I am interested to see how far this band will grow in this upcoming year. This is a time for them to make it or break it. They have talent, which obviously needs to be refined in areas they need to keep pushing social media to get new fans.