The Sundance Film Festival 2011 has officially set up shop and will be gracing Park City with its presence until January 30. Obviously, this is an event that is packed with creative expression and groundbreaking cinematic works, but many do not realize that it is also a medium for the listening of talented musicians.

Sundance ASCAP Music Cafe is returning this year as the main musical venue where both emerging and well-known artists, solo acts and bands, come to showcase their talents and gain new fan support. Any festival credential holders that are 21 and older who pay a visit to Park City can drop into the Cafe and have a listen at the many different acts that will be performing throughout the week.

The place opens at 1:30 PM and closes around 6, so make sure to get there early to avoid missing your favorites. Visitors should know that the venue has a limited capacity and will have to be closed off when this number is reached.

ASCAP Music Cafe has welcomed artists like Damien Rice, Rachel Yamagata, Gin Blossoms, and Rosi Golan in past years, and is always a place to showcase some of the best new talent. Artists that will be present throughout the week at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival are Guster, The Secret Sisters, Danko Jones, Josh Ritter, Tin Hat, and St. Vincent, along with many others.

Make your way to the Festival in Park City; you might just discover your new favorite group or musician!

Rosie Golan @ Sundance 2009 from Palestra Creative on Vimeo.