Here is a track by the Ontario native indie rockers Rural Alberta Advantage.  Sometimes going by RAA, this trio group rocks the stage and your stereo every time! Take a listen and learn why they become my favorite band of last summer!

The Deathbridge In Lethbridge

RAA formed in 2005 but didn’t release their first full length until 2008. Hometowns was the name of that CD and remains to be their only full length to date.

Hometowns has songs written by Nils Edenloff who undoubtedly drew upon nostalgia of his home life and heart breaks. Edenloff has a distinct voice that makes the sound stand out but it’s Amy Cole, who sings backup vocals makes the band in my opinion.

Songs are built on a foundation of synthesizers, acoustic guitars, drums and sometimes viola with some occasional unique instrument mixed in there. The drums though, add to the unique sound of the band. Paul Banwatt has been playing drums for 17 years and it’s not secret. When you see him play live you can’t help but simply watch him.

I havn’t come up with a band that I can compare RAA to. I would venture to say if you like Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes and Neutral Milk Hotel, you will like Rural Alberta Advantage. Either way, I can’t recommend enough to check them out.