The King Of Limbs is the newest album out from alternative rock legends Radiohead. The album reflects the new direction that the band has taken in the last few year, having a more indie feel to it than a directly rock sound.

The album has a variety of styles present in it. It serves as a compilation for the evolution that Radiohead has undergone over the years. Whereas previous installments have been upbeat, these songs are more eerie and creepy. There is a otherworldly element, supposedly connected to the title’s implied imagery of mystic forests.

The time may be a bot of a disappointment for people, however. The length is short, not matter how you look at it. All in all, it clocks in at 37 minuteds or so, making it a bit on the thin side. If you can get past it, you’ll like it.

The King Of Limbs demonstrates how a band can evolve over time and still make good music. The variety of styles found inside are delightful, and is well worth checking out, especially if you like an eerie evolution of contemporary themes.