For those of you who don’t know about White Lies, they are a popular London based alternative rock band. They regularly top the charts in the UK, using a dark and uplifitng style that often makes use of profound themes to make a point. Their genre type can best be described as a hybrid between indie and alternative, although it is hard to assign an exact label to either.

Ritual is the 2011 album relase for the band. Ritual makes use of solemn themes and imagery, combining these “dark hope” themes with electronic beats and the vocals for which the band is famous for. Religious imagery is liberally sprinkled throughout the album, even if it a bit vague. The musical style in not unlike a combination of Interpol and The Killers, making for a heartfelt production.

All in all, Ritual is enjoyable if you can find the meaning in the lyrics and understand the imagery that the band is trying to promote. The emotional aspects of the singing combine nicely with theme, and make for pretty good songs. All in all, it’s nothing that is absolutely essential to have, but is well worth listening to.