Music and Lyrics
So as you may have noticed, i have been postponing making a post (no pun intended) for the past week.

The reasons being that I have had this strange desire to post about the music video, Pop! Goes my Heart, from the 2007 movie, Music and Lyrics. I’ve convinced myself that this post is too random and that no one would enjoy this post as much as me…

But since my desire to post about it has caused me to slack on posting anything for the last week or so, I am going to share it anyways (in hopes that we can move forward). And who knows; maybe you will enjoy this as much as I do!

So here’s a little background:

Music and Lyrics is a romantic comedy in which one of my secret celebrity crushes, Hugh Grant, is a pop star living off the aftermath of his band’s 80s one hit wonder. With an opportunity to get his name back and perform with a teen idol, he obtains a lyricist. Drew Barrymore plays the lyricist, whom saves Hugh Grants music and whom he falls in love with.

Overall, I wouldn’t place the movie in my top ten pick of favorite movies, but I would have to say that I absolutely LOVE all the music (except some from the weird teen idol) and I absolutely love Hugh Grant’s band’s one hit wonder. I bought the album on itunes right after I watched the movie and I even bought the sheet music for one of the songs.

So here’s the video, Pop! Goes my Heart, I have been thinking about and watching for over and over again for the past week. It is cheesy, catchy, and has Hugh Grant written all over it! I hope it makes you smile as much as I do:

It doesn’t matter how many times I watch this video, I enjoy it every time! It may possibly be the best cheesiest/worst music video ever. Gotta love the hip moves.

Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore also conglomerate in the movie, singing together the song which they wrote, Way Back into Love. It is beautiful and they sound GREAT together. I wonder how much they edited their voices and how much was real, because I might now find Hugh Grant now only a cute, hilarious actor, but also a talented musician.

Random Fact: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s mother was Hugh’s piano teacher when he was a child.

In fact I think Hugh Grant could look like a musician. He plays the son of another one hit wonder musician in About a Boy. I would both these movies to any Hugh Grant fans out there.

On a more musical note:

As well as getting some great Hugh Grant music and even some Drew Barrymore in Music and Lyrics , the rest of the soundtrack performed by The Sounds.

I had never heard of The Sounds until after I had watched this movie a few years back and I really like them. Check them out on myspace. I recommend listening to Tony the Beat.

Maybe later this week I will give you a real review about the band seeing as since I have now shared with you my addiction of the week.

Also, the entire soundtrack of About a Boy is done by Badly Drawn Boy. Likewise, after I watched that movie is when I really started to get into that band. good stuff.