I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not hip to the whole indie-music scene. It’ll usually take me until a band gets nationally recognized to really appreciate their sound. However, late last June, an indie-loving friend of mine dragged me along to a hole-in-the-wall music venue in Salt Lake and I had the privilege of listening to Paul Jacobsen & The Madison Arm.

With a alt-folk sound, Paul Jacobsen & The Madison Arm lured me into their musical world of guitars, banjos, and pump organs. I especially loved the presence of the organ, adding richness to Jacobsen’s vocals and an old-time church richness not often found in folk music.

Above all, I love meaningful lyrics, and Paul Jacobsen & The Madison Arm did not disappoint. Jacobsen sang with such earnestness, I felt like each song was a personal message delivered directly to me. In between songs, his easy-going demeanor won over the audience with

One particular song, At That Day, lulled me into a blissful half-sleep with its charming layering of voices and its ethereal lyrics. Below is a recording of the song at the concert where I discovered them (Kilby Court in Salt Lake City). The song steadily builds in intensity until a soul-gripping wail about five minutes into the song. Please close your eyes, listen and enjoy. I promise it’s worth it.


Paul Jacobsen of Utah’s Band of Annuals joined Paul Jacobsen & The Madison Arm and treated the audience with this incredible, newly created masterpiece. The recorder of this video dubbed it Wind at my Feet, although the song is still untitled. Do yourself a favor and listen to it.

If you still can’t get enough, visit Paul Jacobsen & The Madison Arm or Band of Annuals at their MySpace pages.