Parachute is an indie band from Charlottesville, Virginia, and has recently gained recognition with their latest album, “Losing Sleep.”

The 5 members of the band recently graduated college and are now touring and promoting their music full-time.

And it’s no wonder that this band has been gaining a strong group of followers. With a sound that could be compared to a younger, more energetic Marroon 5, you can’t go wrong. Their album is solid. The first song, “All that I am” sets the bar high for the rest of the 11 songs that follow it. And the songs that follow don’t disappoint. “She (for Liz)” is a personal favorite, with a pop-rock, yet original feel, it’s easy to find yourself nodding your head and tapping your feet to the beat.

The album slows down in the middle with some more serious, slow-piano ballads, including “She is Love” (their more popular song). However, their album picks back up the hype with “Words Meet Heartbeats” and “New Year” to wrap it up. Overall, the order and selection of songs proved to enhance the dynamics of the album.

Overall, their sound is enjoyable to listen to. And even though their music isn’t experimental (per se), they’ve got talent and are easy to like.