For those of you who don’t know much about, here is a quick Pandora radio review.

Pandora Radio is a music discovery service that allows you to discover new music online, while listening to music you already love. Pandora is powered by the “Music Genome Project”: a comprehensive analysis of music that sought to match you up with similar musical sounds and styles based on what you say you already like.


To begin, create an account (a very easy process), then create a station(s), and enjoy your free music. To make a station, you either enter in an artist/band or a song. Based on that, Pandora will match you up with songs that it knows you already like, as well as music you may have never heard of before. Keep in mind that you are able to create up to 100 different stations at one time. So don’t limit yourself, explore what is out there!

There is a catch though, if you sign up for the free account, you get 40 hours of free music per month. If you want to continue listening after that 40 hour limit, then you can pay $0.99 for unlimited music listening the rest of the month. Not too bad.

Now, you may have noticed the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons on the song box. I would recommend using these buttons sparingly. When you click the “thumbs up” button, the following songs on the station will be similar to that style. If you click multiple “thumbs up” buttons, the result is cumulative. After awhile, your music selection may become to specific or too similar to one another.

Alternately, if you click the “thumbs down” button, the song will be deleted from the play-list, that particular song will stop playing and new set of songs with a different musical emphasis will begin to play. If you press the “thumbs down” button for an artist more than once, that artist will be banned from playing on that station.

If you don’t want to click the “thumbs down” button for a song, you can simply press the “skip” button. Pandora sees this as a neutral action and won’t think you like or dislike the artist or song. You only have 6 skips per hour, per station, so use them well.

Once you have created your stations, you can go back and edit them, add more variety to them, add artists or songs to them, rename the station, or even delete it. There are so many different options to modify and edit your stations, that Pandora really has the listener in mind.

My take: Pandora is awesome, the limit on “skips” is frustrating, seeing as I’m a pretty picky listener. You also get a radio ad every 3 or 4 songs. But overall, it’s a great online tool to use, especially since it is free. If you take advantage of it, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you have any more questions, visit their FAQ page. Happy listening!