Owl City is slated to play in LA this weekend with other indie groups, which led me to realize that even though they have hit the mainstream, Owl City is still holding on to their roots.

Owl City impressed many with their Postal Service/ Death Cab for Cutie vibe and whimsical lyrics. They served as  a greatly musical way for many people to experience the genre without alienating people with anything too funky. They serve as a good accessible form of music that has lad many to discover more of the genre for themselves.

The band remains committed to their original musical ideals, and has yet to do a Transformers movie cover, so they’ve held onto their identity in my book.

All in all, it’s pretty impressive that the group has managed to deal with their success with such grace and aplomb, while still pleasing fans and finding ways to evolve with the indies genre. You don’t even have to like them to agree that the band is a good example of how to get to the top without forgetting where you came from.