owl city - ocean eyes

Mark your calendars, Owl City is coming to the Murray Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 11, 2009, to promote his new album, Ocean Eyes.

Adam, the solo artist of Owl City, is a young musician who is quickly finding his place within the ever growing indie/electronic music genre.

The beauty of Adam’s talent is that his music has the ability to transport the listener to another world. One where there are no worries and one that escapes the seriousness of life that most music focuses on. He’s a breath of fresh air, to say the least.

Though Owl City is best known for their song “Fireflies,” the rest of Owl City’s album is just as radio worthy.

Here is the tracklist for Ocean Eyes:

  1. Cave in
  2. The Bird and the Worm
  3. Hello Seattle
  4. Umbrella Beach
  5. The Saltwater Room
  6. Dental Care
  7. Meteor Shower
  8. On the Wing
  9. Fireflies
  10. The Top of the Iceberg
  11. Vanilla Twilight
  12. Tidal Wave
  13. Hello Seattle (remix)
  14. If My Heart Was a House

You can buy tickets at your local Smith’s grocery store for about $12.