Owl City

Here’s a snippet of Back Beat’s interview with Adam Young, from Owl City).

BB: What inspired your musical alias, “Owl City”?

AY: I’m a nerd. I played a lot of video games when I was in junior high, one in particular called Wave Race 64. The soundtrack was (and still is) absolutely mind-blowing to me because of what unique moods it perfectly captures musically. There’s a certain “melancholy-optimism” that the music on that game embodies. For whatever reason, that idea really stuck with me and ultimately was a big playing factor into why I started writing music as Owl City. I wanted to write music to “sound” the way playing that game “feels”. Haha, like I said, I’m a huge nerd. I still play that game all the time.

BB: On your MySpace page, you say that you write and record your music in your basement. How has this location impacted your work?

AY: Writing and recording everything on my own has certainly forced me to become a bit of a gear head, and because I have no standard knowledge of how the music recording world works, I’ve had to come up with my own way of doing things. I still have endless amounts to learn but I have fun with it and it keeps me busy. I honestly wouldn’t be doing anything else right now.

BB: How did MySpace affect your musical career?

AY: It gave me the only window of opportunity I suppose I would’ve ever gotten with my music. I really do owe it all to MySpace. Thanks Tom! Haha!

BB: Your music has been compared to the Postal Service and A Rocket to the Moon. What bands/music have had the biggest influence on your songwriting?

AY: Mostly instrumental ambient music, oddly enough. I don’t listen to much music with lyrics, so a lot of different things come into play when it comes to influence. I really connect with certain moods that I discover in film soundtracks. My two biggest musical influences are Jonathan Ford from Unwed Sailor, and composer Thomas Newman.

BB: You have talked openly about your faith in Christianity. Do you consider yourself a “Christian band” and how does this play into your music?

AY: Owl City is just me. I don’t write Christian songs but I am a Christian musician so I suppose the classification of the band is up to the listener. My faith is very important to me and is a very big part of who I am as an individual. It’s kind of up to you…

If you want to read the rest of the interview, feel free to check out Back Beat’s article.