Neon Trees Habits

Early this March while performing at South by Southwest, our local Provo band, Neon Trees, released their first official album Habits, under Mercury Records.

Their record keeps its listeners captivated with a conglomerate of tempos and rhythms, speeding it up with dance beats and then slowing it down with some jazzy tunes. The 8 tracks in their album include pop, rock, and synth sounds.

Each and every song on thier Habits deals with love. Whether you had a past lover, are currently in love, or just want to be in love, Neon Trees can and will relate with you in this album. This “love” theme gives the album a fun flavor, however I will be anxious to see if their next album deals with more than just love.

“Animal” may be one of Neon Trees most famous singles. It reached No. 1 on the Alternative Specialty Chart and has had much radio play in Salt Lake City, San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York.

Neon Trees made “Animal” into an artsy, enjoyable music video. Enjoy the music video below, but notice the singer. Tyler Glenn, the singer of Neon Trees has really helped the band to come this far in how he captivates and intrigues his audience. As you watch this music video you’ll find that he does it to you too.

Neon Trees has opened for the Killers several times and they have many shows scheduled. To learn more about them check out their myspace.