Mika, a pop star from the UK, just released his second album The Boy Who Knew Too Much.

Mika said to EW about the album:

“With the album, I wanted to paint this kind of comic-book version of my adolescence. I made a conscious decision to try and write a few more songs in the first person. Unfortunately, I’ve written songs that have dealt with a lot of different things from my personal life and these kind of psychosexual melodramas set within an adolescent context but all framed within pop music. The only difficult thing for me now is I get asked questions about all these things.”

Mika’s sound revolves around contemporary power-pop/rock. Though some may distaste his  disco-friendly style, Mika is orchestra-educated and naturally gifted. I wouldn’t recommend listening to the whole album in one sitting. If you did, I would equate it to eating a huge piece of chocolate cake, a bag of skittles, 5 snikers bars, and an ice cream sundae for dinner. Case in point, it’s a little too sweet to take it all in at once.
Here’s what Mika says about his music: