Meg & Dia’s latest album, “Here, Here, and Here” was inspired by a quote from Mozart who said, “There’s nothing to composing. You just need to focus on here, here, and here;”   referring to the head, heart, and the ear.

This indie band’s album seems just as deep as the meaning behind the title. They talk politics, religion, and other societal issues that you wouldn’t expect from two young girls from Draper, Utah. Every song on their album seems to be distinct. They experiment with their sound and the result is unique and fulfilling. You can tell the difference between their first two albums and this one. They didn’t hold anything back or constrict themselves to a certain style.

Their sound is full of charisma and energy, even when their lyrics are a tad on the pessimistic side. Here is their music video for their song, “Black Wedding,” which is featured on Here, Here, and Here. Check it out: