Matthew JayI have known at least 2 great MJ’s who have affected my life musically.  One of course is the late, king of pop, Michael Jackson;

the other is the also late Wales indie- folk artist Matthew Jay.

Matthew Jay may be my all time favorite underground musician.  And yet has made a name for himself.

After officially recording with EMI records, his album, Draw,  Matthew tragically died, falling out of a 7-story building in 2003.  Upon hearing about the death of Matthew Jay,  my brother and I, whom were both in HS at the time, listened to Matthew Jay’s album, Draw, for days and even weeks to and from school.

Later, Matthew’s family took demo recordings of several other songs Matthew was in the process of working on during the time of his death, and formed two new albums of his works in process.  I personally own all of Matthew Jay’s cds and even his music videos.

Matthew started playing the violin with his family folk band, but quickly moved to electric bass and guitar.  His music has touched the lived of so many and lives on through people, his family, tribute concerts, itunes, and online radios, such as Jango.

Matthew Jay’s  music has made a deep impression on my life, giving me a greater love for music, a deeper understanding and appreciation for life, and a stronger bond with my own brother. I will forever be grateful for his musical genius and for his family who keeps his music alive for all his fans, whether be future or past.

Check out more of  Matthew Jay on his official website.  And please let me know how you enjoy his music. I hope you enjoy his vibrant sound.

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