Matt Beilis is a new artist out of New York City. His sound is described as “a place where soul and hip-hop grooves meet the electricity of a rock band.” He has just released a new album called “CAN’T HELP BUT WONDER” that has caught the attention of many music lovers.

Matt Beilis‘s new album sounds polished but live at the same time, which is a tough balance to strike. He manages to be both catchy and soulful, two of the best elements of good pop music.” –Ryan Dusick of Maroon 5

Here is a cover of Bruno Mars’ new song “Just the way you are.” This rendition amazed me and caught my attention. It demonstrates how Matt Beilis‘s sound connects the popularity of pop music to the soulful-rock-sound that makes it his own.

Check Matt Beilis out at his website and see for yourself the talent of this new up-and-coming artist.