mason jennings

“It all kinda started at Christmas when my sons and I were hanging ornaments on the tree.  We have an ornament that is a little electric guitar and my six-year-old son was looking at it and asked, “What’s this Dad?”…

I ran downstairs and pulled out an old hollowbody electric (that is my wife’s), an amp and I came upstairs, plugged it in and ripped into “My Generation” by The Who. Well, my one son actually climbed me in point 2 seconds and leaped off my shoulders while the other one looked like I had plugged the lights on the tree into him. They flew around the room dancing for two straight wonderful hours.

I got the point

Since then Mason Jennings has been letting his smooth style guitar music grace the ears of so many.  He is signed by Jack Johnson’s label “Bushfire Records” and is touring this summer with stops in Chicago, Virginia and other cities in the east.

This is one of my favorite songs by him:

If you like other chill, original sounding music you should check out bands such as Bright Eyes, Cake, or The Tallest Man on Earth.  I hope you like them but as Mason Jennings says:

“If people dig it: cool. If not: cool. I will be making it anyway. I have to.”