Making April

Making April once had the #1 spot on Myspace’s Top Unsigned Artists list and since then, they have come a long way.

Making April‘s hit three man band started in Sean Scanlon and Steve McCaffrey‘s dorm room. The third member of the band is one of their long-time friends, Greg Federspiel. While still in college the three friends managed to record five songs on their demo tape, which eventually was the inspiration for their debut EP: Runaway World.

Since college, they have sold over 100,000 songs on Itunes and have toured with well-known bands like:  Secondhand Serenade, Rookie of the Year, Automatic Loveletter and White Tie Affair. In 2008, Making April signed with Universal Records and produced their debut album The Egg Hunt earlier this year.

The band somehow manages to perfectly incorporate the best of alternative music with awing piano solos, which makes them one of today’s top indie bands and a personal favorite of mine. Make sure and check them out on itunes or Myspace.