Josh Ritter
The first time I heard of Josh Ritter was about two years ago. My eldest brother (aka my personal music guru) gave me a copy of one of Josh Ritter’s early albums, Animal Years. I immediately fell in love. And I hope that you do the same, if you are not already.

Josh Ritter’s music has feeling. It has zest. It has sensitivity. It has truth. It has a clean and comforting feel attached to it. Josh Ritter has your feel good music.

Wondering which exact songs I should share with you I struggle to make my answer concise and think you need to check out two of his albums, Animal Years and The Historical Conquests. I have too many favorite songs, but I feel like both of these cd’s are complete and legit. I might even come out and just say that Animal Years, may be an almost flawless and for sure brilliant album. If you don’t believe me, listen for yourself. And The Historical Conquests (which I have not listened to as much as Animal Years because of its newness) has some extraordinary songs.

The thing about Josh Ritter is that he isn’t just an amazing lyricist and he isn’t just an amazing composition-ist…but he has this conglomeration with both in his music that is right on.

Ritter is an Idaho-born singer/songwriter and his roots may be the reason for his folk, alternative country rock (don’t worry he isn’t real country. I can’t stand country but obviously I LOVE him). Interestingly enough, both his parents were nueroscientists and before his music career, Ritter, himself was studying to become a nueroscientist. So pretty much what I am trying to say is that he is smart.

Have you ever heard of a lute?! yeah. Those things that people use to play during Shakespeare’s time; the one’s with like 15-24 strings. Well, Ritter started his music career playing one of these that his dad made! Talk about a musical start. Josh Ritter now also plays both the acoustic and electric guitar and the piano. He is the main man to his music. He writes it all, but as the movie below will tell you, he is open to suggestions from his behind the scenes band.

But please, for your and my and all of humanities sake- Don’t let that video be your only taste of Josh Ritter. Check his music out on his myspace and make sure you check out his new song: Change of Time. Have a Josh Ritter good day. 😉