Punk Rock

1977 brought a whole new sound that people had never heard, and a sound that many people didn’t want to hear.  But that is exactly the thing that appealed to punk rockers.  They wrote and played music because it’s what they loved, not to get fame and money.

Punk rock has evolved since then, and the big question now remains is punk rock dead?

Some say punk died when the first Hot Topic store opened in the late 80’s.  Some say it died just after it was born with The Clash signing onto CBS Records.  However, many stand firm saying that Punk Rock is alive and well with bands like Streetlight Manifesto and ESL coming out this past decade and classic bands like Bad Religion, NOFX and Social Distortion still releasing new albums and touring.

It is true that punk rock has changed from what it originally was and has evolved from one thing to another.

Punk rock started off as an expression of youthful rebellion and was characterized by what you wore and your anti-authoritarian ideologies.

By the 80’s punk rock evolved into a more fast aggressive style and we began to hear new styles of punk like Oi, just for it to change in the 90’s to a fast past skater punk sound. And then in the past decade we have heard emo, screamo, and what often sounds like boy bands with guitars.

All this raises the original question:  Is punk rock dead?

I won’t say yes or no.  But I do ask: Where are the Descendents and the Circle Jerks of today?  Where is there an album like Punk in Drublic and No Control?  Where are the anarcho and street punks?