Iron and Wine is certainly one of the best indie groups of the century. They have managed to release several quality albums, which all recieved consistent, positive reviews from fans and critics alike. They have developed a die-hard group of fans, myself being included. There are a few reasons why they are one of the forerunners in the indie scene when it comes to talent:

1. Sam Beam is a lyrical genius. The lyrics to his songs are sheer poetry, and they come from a place which is both heartfelt, and deep. Some of his songs sound like they are revealing windows into his soul, and his history. There is nothing generic about them.

2. His music is hauntingly beautiful, and deep. He combines a variety of different instruments to create a sound that is completely unique, and captivating. He successfully executes both mellow, acoustic songs, as well as more instrumentally rich rhythms. The talent of the band is very broad.

3. He puts on an outstanding concert. While many singers vocals fail to dazzle without the help of a recording studio, Sam’s vocals are very strong, and sound just as good, if not better, than on the album recordings. When the show ends, everyone is still begging for more.

If you haven’t already checked this multi-talented group out, be sure to do so right away. It could revolutionize your taste in music, as it did mine.