His smash-hit cover of the Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” on the soundtrack for the movie Garden State launched Sam Beam, or the front runner of Iron and Wine, into the spotlight. Past albums have had a very folky, solo acoustic essence to them that have put him on the map as one of the most popular indie artists of the past few years.

Iron and Wine’s newest venture, “Kiss Each Other Clean,” has a different sound than fans of the band may be used to. Many of the tracks seem a little bit less obscure and more easy to relate to, but they still have that independent and unique quality that followers of Sam Beam have come to love. “Tree By the River” is a melodic and beautiful tune that evokes thoughts of past loves and memories, whereas, the crooning “Half Moon” offers a sense of devotion and longing.

The power of the tracks on this album is undeniable, but it does offer a little bit more raw content than some of the past; there is even a content advisory on the cover. However, this can be expected, since Sam Beam never seems to hold back in his writing or performing. Other notable tracks include “Walking Far from Home,” “Big Burned Hand,” and “Glad Man Singing.” There is no doubt that Iron and Wine’s sound becomes more refined and interesting as new material is written, and it is predicted that fans will be very happy with this brand new view into Beam’s musical genius.