Everybdoy Ingrid Michaelson

At the Avlon Theater in SLC, Bess Rogers and Ingrid Michaelson will be performing on October 17 at 6:30pm.

Ingrid Michaelson’s music is infused with indie pop, folk, and alternative that creates a beautiful and unique sound. Being a native to New York, she is most well-known around Manhattan venues, but will be touring this season around the country. Ingrid just released her second album, “Everybody,” which you can buy online or on iTunes.

The track list for the album Everybody includes:

    1. Soldier
    2. Everybody
    3. Are We There Yet
    4. Sort Of
    5. Incredible Love
    6. The Chain
    7. Mountain And The Sea
    8. Men Of Snow
    9. So Long
    10. Once Was Love
    11. Locked Up

    If you want to buy tickets,  click here
    Here’s an idea of what you might expect at one of her shows:
    P.S. She’s funny.