One of the things that I’ve noticed about Indie music in the last few years is how it seems to be dividing. While Indie fas have taken pride in creating an encircling term for bands and┬ámusic┬áthat matches their style, the truth of the matter is that Indie music seems to be drifting into two camps.

First of all, there is the music that is considered Indie because of its association with an independent label. Independent labels producing music was the true origin of Indie music, offering bands an alternative tot he mainstream. Indeed, such a consideration is technically correct because of the history involved. Using independent labels, even bands that seek to blend into the mainstream can be promoted and found, even if they do not strive to be different.

Then there is the crowd that defines Indie music by the sound and culture surrounding it. In the eyes of these fans, the genre is about the musical stylings and lifestyle encouraged by the genre. Therefore, from their perspective, mainstream bands that come from independent labels are not truly “Indie” because they do not match certain parameters.

It is interesting, but Indie music seems to be splitting along those lines, dividing fans and leading to the evolution and possible separation into new genres of music. While it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does mark a certain turning point for the music and the industry.