After the interview, I headed to Velour to check out their show. Though I had heard their music online, and through myspace, I wanted to see them live.

I wasn’t disappointed. They put on a great show and really give a surreal experience. You can tell all the muscians are extremely talented and Dan, the lead singer, has a very strong voice.

Though their shows are enjoyable, I think some of their music could use some work. I felt like they were trying to combine too many things together, so at times, it became hard to listen to. When music is convoluted and has too much going on, the audience can easily shut off, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the songs. It’s a tricky balance, you don’t want music that is too standard and simple. But you have to also understand that more isn’t always better.

But overall I was pleased. Dan gets very into the show and that energy transfers into the audience. They have an original sound, and for only being together for a few months, they are more put-together than anyone could expect.

With all of their accomplishments and their dedication to the art, I expect great things.

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