Hey Monday Band

Hey Monday is an indie rock/power pop band from West Palm Beach, FL. Though the name Hey Monday sounds like an oxymoron, since the majority of us don’t look forward to the end of the weekend, Cassadee (the lead singer) explains:

“We liked the name Hey Monday because it’s very contradicting,” says Cassadee. “Most people don’t really say they’re happy about a Monday, they view it like it’s the first day of the rest of their week, but Monday can also just be a new beginning…”

And the band definitely has reason to look at their career as a ‘new beginning’. With a powerhouse voice that has been compared to Paramore’s Hayley Williams and Avril Lavigne, the music industry has  been blown away with her and her band’s talent. After signing with Columbia, Hey Monday released Hold on Tight October 2008.

Since Hey Monday is a band with a  pop-y and mainstream sound, I wasn’t expecting much. But the album pleasantly surprised me. “How you love me now”,  the second song on the track-list has an explosive chorus and is one of the songs that is easy to rock out to. The following track “Homecoming” has an awesome bridge, while “Candles” is strikingly emotional and one of the two ballads on the album. It seems that the farther you get in the album, vocals get stronger and riffs hit harder. My personal favorite, “Hurricane Streets” will blow you away with the energetic beats and stunning hooks. Basically the whole album is filled with songs I could easily score spots on the hot music charts.

Listen to a few songs:
Hey Monday – Candles
Hey Monday – Hurricane Streets
Hey Monday – How You Love me Now

If anyone wants to download the full album for free, just Tweet a link to this post or post the link in your status update and send me either your twitter user-name or a screen-shot of your facebook profile and I’ll get that to you. No limit on how many people can enjoy this album! Email me this info at: madisonhawkins28@gmail.com!