Air Traffic

Air Traffic is an alternative rock band out of Britain. Formed in 2005, their music is piano-led and refreshing.

In July 2006, their first single, a double-a side of “Just Abuse Me” and “Charlotte” was released by Label Fandango. In 2007 their first album, “Fractured Life,” came out which was  followed by a nomination for the 2007 Xfm New Music Award.

Air Traffic’s first album is a mixture of pop-rock and softer ballad songs. Unfortunately, there are more soft-rock songs than I would prefer. When their pace slackens, you find yourself bored and listening to cliché after cliché.  However, when they do perform their harder pop-rock stuff, they are fun to listen to.

The band is currently working on their latest album, as of earlier this year. Hopefully this album will be more exciting then their last. You can find a glimpse of their new material with their Internet-only released song, “Ambulate.”