Google gets millions of search queries relating to music everyday. Since people around the world are constantly searching albums, artists, songs, and lyrics, Google decided to make their music searches more user-friendly. They have teamed up with Pandora, imeem, Myspace and Rhapsody to help searchers find and discover music easier and with more accuracy. With the help of Google’s music partners, your searches will now include short music-preview links so you can listen to the song right there….

This new search feature will not only help you find the music your looking for, but it will also help users discover new music online in a much easier way. This feature will also be able to help artists discover new fans and connect with their listeners. This is a great tool for small, local bands starting out, as well as for those of us trying to discover new indie or non-mainstream music.

One of the best new features is that Google will help you find a song or an album that you can’t remember the name of. Even if you can’t remember the name of the artist, all you have to do is type in a line or two of the lyrics to the Google search bar, you Google will find the song/album/artist you are looking for. How cool is that?

Watch this short clip to see how the new search will work:

The music-friendly search results should be coming to your computer in the next few days. Keep an eye out for this awesome tool to help you find new indie and underground artists and musicians.