Stevire SlaterAs we all are well aware, Steven Slater of Jet Blue airlines quit his job in a daring and dramatic way last week. In fact he went “jet blue.” After being undermined, cursed at, and hit in the head with a passengers luggage, Steven Had enough! He swore at the arrogant passenger over the mic and with beer in hand, quickly made a get away from the plane’s emergency slide (don’t we all wish we could do that!).

Steven’s act, although over dramatized, has caused him to be an American hero to the hardships of many American jobs. With all this commotion, many artists have been hurrying to capture the story of a bizarre hero, Stevie Slater (as lead-singer of local band, Imagine Dragons like to call him).

Quickly after the news of Stevie’s bold quit, Imagine Dragons wrote this song:

This song and Stevie’s story might just be the beginning of the phrase going “jet blue”. No more going postal, we’re going jet blue.

Imagine Dragons hoped to introduce more people to their music, by capturing such a fascinating and viral story. A clever idea, might I add. Other artists and companies are doing the same thing.

Noah Needleman, did the same thing with his Jet Blue blues:

Here is a mark of active artists– when they are writing about viral news that is going on today. I wish both these bands the best of luck in getting more fans. Find new artists and upcoming artists when you search for “Stevie” Slater.