Joshua JamesAmerican Fork, UT hosted 37 bands at an out door concert, Fork Fest on October 16th, 2010. Volunteers who recognized the value of the local music scene ran this event. Joshua James, up and coming folk musician organized much of the night. This event was free to the public. The volunteers simply wanted a way to share their love of music. Many of the artists that played are receiving national recognition. Needless to say, it ROCKED! Joshua James‘ style is American rock and folk, and his sound is compared to Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bright Eyes, and Ray LaMontagne. He drew the largest crowd at Fork Fest. He has a captivating stage presence. His original digital release of his cd The Sun is Always Brighter reached #1 on itunes folk album list in 2007. Paste Magazine noted Joshua James in an article, “Next 25 You Need to Know.” James was featured in Variety Magazine. They said he was, “A young Midwestern singer-songwriter who writes hard-bitten songs of family tragedies and sings them in a voice that’s as sun-bleached and wind-battered as a Nebraska cornfield.”