Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins told the Associated Press in January that the band is possibly releasing an album in 2011. The Foo Fighters have fifteen or so songs that they are working on, and they are album material.

This comes as great news for fans of the band, which has been rocking out for fifteen years now. They’ve definitely made an impact on the music scene as we know it, and have been influential in the creations of many other artists. Whether or not the songs will be “traditional” or whether they will be a “redefinition” for the paradigm remains to be seen.

The band is still in the beginning stages of creating the album, but it is still something to get excited about. Learn To Fly is a personal favorite song of mine, and is something that I regularly sing raucously out loud in the car. …Or when I’m playing Rock Band and I want to impress some people with my incredible talent.